Visit websites anonymously once you start LionVPN

VPN protects your privacy and keeping an anonymous profile when you’re on the internet.
VPNs use tunneling protocols to help keep your activities hidden online.
Why is this good?
Protect yourself from government surveillance.
Prevent ISPs from selling your data and throttling your bandwidth.
Prevents Hackers from stealing your data. 
First of all, if you live in a country that keeps a close eye on the online activity of its people, then you’re not safe. These countries poke their heads into everyone’s business and, in turn, your right to privacy is completely thrown out the window.
To give you perspective, this act of surveillance is comparable to a person following and logging your every move. They write down what you do, where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and the time it took for you to do it all. It’s a scary thought.
Using a VPN gives you a secure tunnel to browse the internet, effectively closing all malicious intent to track your movement.
The same goes for your ISPs. ISP stands for internet service provider and these guys have hold of your online data logs. What do they do with said data? They sell them to third parties, usually advertising companies.
Now, getting a VPN doesn’t prevent your ISP from getting your data but it does scramble it. Thanks to this, they no longer have the ability to sell it so ad agencies and other third-party companies.