Unblock restricted websites once start LionVPN

Once activated and connected to a VPN, your access will have zero limitations to said website.
“This site can’t be reached”
Does that line seem a bit too familiar? You may think that it’s a problem with your internet connection or the website’s servers, but it might not always be the case.
Restricted websites are a thing and they’re too commonplace not to be ignored. This often happens based on your country and trying to undo it without a VPN is quite difficult. Some examples include Belgium that implemented an anti-privacy law forcing ISPs to restrict torrent sites.
Commonly blocked websites include:
Torrent Websites
Porn Sites
Social Media Sites 
Gambling Sites 
Do note that blocked websites are done by your local ISPs who have been pressured by the government.
So, how does a VPN help you access restricted websites? It uses its encryption and tunneling protocols to hide your identity. This includes your location.
VPNs do give you the option to change server location which helps further your access to a lot more websites that’s normally blocked in your country. The amount of servers you can switch to depends on your VPN provider. Certain VPN services offer a server count below a hundred to a number well above a thousand.