LionVPN will help you save money online

Did you know that you can save money when using a VPN?
It’ll surprise you as to the amount of money that you’re needlessly paying for plane tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals.
For more context,
buying a ticket online or booking a hotel room online will cost you more depending on where you are in the world. This is because of tracking cookies used by websites to track your previous movement and even your own zip code to judge regional spending patterns.
These cookies look at what places you want to travel to or which hotels you want to stay in. In doing so, they can raise the price on the ticket or room you’re interested in. If you’re the type to travel frequently or often spend money online, then I advise that you do with a VPN in the background.
As an example, renting a car in the United States through a US server is much cheaper than the ones outside of it. A VPN gives you the benefit of using a US based location which denies the tax and dynamic implemented.
Here is a quick list of the things you can save money on with the use of a VPN: 
Plane tickets
Hotel rooms
Car rentals
Online Games